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Hello, I just want to write in and tell Fast Forward how pleased I am with your website and study guide. I passed the first section (Individuals) of the Enrolled Agent exam and am so excited! I couldn't have done it without your help either. I put in the time studying, with the help of your study guide, and went through all the free test questions in the test bank repeatedly (there are so many of them). This was enough to help me pass! :-)
Sherry S.

With your help, I passed the RTRP exam which encourges me to go forward with you for the EA exam.
Charles R.

After studying for two months, taking three of your 2 1/2 hrs RTRP practice tests, I am very Happy to inform you that I took the RTRP today and passed it the very first! I HIGHLY recommend your services to all Tax Preparers. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
Idowu B.

Good Afternoon, Just a quick note to let you know that I sat and passed the RTRP Exam last Monday at the first attempt. Thank you for the comphrensive course content. The only exam I have left is Part 2 of the EA Course which I delayed taking as I found the content relating to Businesses and Corporations needed more of my time to prepare for the exam to ensure I would be successful. I hope to complete it in February 2013 after a holiday break before I re-commence studying. Thanks once again.
George B.

Either course was great or test was easy. I completed each part within 1 hour.
Ruth S.

I passed the RTRP Exam on first try!
Rick S.

Again, thank God for FFA!! If this EA exam is a horse race, I've won two legs of the "Triple Crown." When we last spoke you and I agreed Part 3 might be the best path to take for a confidence builder. I worked the Part 3 question bank 502 times and was at 75%. Near the end I was actually at about 90%. When I was doing 20 questions I was hitting about 18 right. Now it's off to the races and I'm probably a longshot for a first timer for Part 2, but sometimes even the lonshots win the race!! Thanks for everything, I've saved my SEE simulator for Part 2. I'll keep you posted.
Rick F.

I passed Part III today on my first attempt. Your study materials did the trick! Thank you.
Terri B.

I passed the first exam (Individual Taxation) on the first try !!! Your book is great :-)
Will V.

I have taken all three parts of the exam and have passed all three on the first attempt. I would like to thank Fast Forward Academy for providing such an excellent study program at an affordable price.
Jamie W.

I just subscribed to the Unlimited CE/CPE library for my continuing credit requirements in 2014. I recommend you test drive the FREE CE/CPE course before you buy. The material is well-organized, has authortiative references/footnotes, provides a central location for required Ethics and General Tax Topics credits, and, most important, costs less than my real-world goal/budget of $12-15 a CE unit hour. Courses are all online and on demand at your convenience. The FF dashboard tracks both my 2014 IRS and NAEA CE requirements! I am not affiliated with FF; just a long-time happy customer. FastForward Academy was critical in my efforts to earn the EA designation; now they help me keep it! Thank you, FF.
Phillip S.

I want to thank you for your help in passing all three parts of this tough exam. Your course has been an essential tool for me to be successful in obtaining the passing score on the SEE eaxmination. After a few attempts on my own and obtaining 91 to 98 points, my wife suggested that I review with a course tailored just to pass in a fast pace. So, I chose Fast Forward at the end of June and I have been congratulated on all three parts within the month of July; now I am waiting for my designation as an EA. I recommend this course to anyone with my years of experience who wants to become an Enrolled Agent fast. It was a Fast Forward experience for a fast pass of the SEE. Thank you! 
Fritz S.

Your product is amazing!!! I finally passed Part2 of the EA exam on Friday. Thanks for being so helpful last week. It was what I needed to push me over the edge. I would recommend your product to anyone that wants to pass the first time around. I wasted a lot of time before finding your product. Thanks ;)
Brian D.

I just want to thank you - I passed Part 2 on November 8th - first try!
Valerie R.

Your exam study materials were so helpful, I have been preparing taxes for over 5 years and without those materials I would have failed each exam had I not prepared. I did pass them all on the first try.
Scott S.

I just want to inform you that I took the RTRP exam last Friday 8-24-2012, and I pass the exam on my first attempt. Thank you.
Frederico E.

Just wanted to share my experience with your products. Great testing practice exams and test bank. Without these available I would not have passed the competency exam. Breezed right through the exam yesterday. You have excellent material that would prepare anyone to pass. Didn't believe the advertisement, but I do now. Only studied 2 weeks and was successful. Thank you.
Sharon M.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge help your site is!  Because of your free test bank, it has allowed me to focus on being a better test taker.
Carrie H.

I just wanted to let you know that I purchaed your RTRP Exam Guide to help me prepare for the RTRP Exam. I took the exam on Wednesday, October 24, and I passed. Thank-you for all your help.
Shirley G.

I am thrilled to report that I have just passed all three parts of the S.E.E.- and on the first attempt, as well! As a retired elementary school schoolteacher, I spent 30 years preparing third graders to take the various state exams, and so when I decided to tackle the EA- after only one year of preparing taxes for H & R Block (limited to primarily 1040EZs, since it was my first year)- I knew that it would benefit me to find a resource that would give me insight into the depth and type of questions and in what format I would find them. I went online and found your book to study for background knowledge, multiple practice exams that not only told me exactly what to expect and how to more efficiently utilize my study time, suggestions on how to take a test and where to find previous IRS exams, but perhaps most importantly for me as a learner, gave me correct answers to the multiple choice practice questions and a thorough explanation as to why they were right. That is what set it apart from any other resources I perused online. I made a notebook of all the Fast Forward Academy questions by chapter (with the answers and the explanations) and used them like flashcards in doctors' waiting rooms, during television commercials, and sitting in the car at red lights. It worked! Thank you so much!
Janet L.

I passed all three parts on the first try! I took one a month, but I have some tax experience, so if you are fairly inexperienced, I would give yourself 4-6 weeks minimum for the first 2. The last can be done quicker. I\'ve spoken to many other EAs who used other study material, with less success. I also spoke to a few who bought materials from somewhere else and used the text bank of fastforward. They loved the test bank and wished they had bought the study materials from you as well. The book was user friendly and to the point. I also really appreciated the emails with updates on new material showing up on the exams. Thank you so much for your help! Now on to CPEs....
Marlena J.

I like the new site, it is even better than before the change. I passed all three parts of the EA in three months (May to July 2010) using primarily your book and the online question bank and the simulation tests. I especially like the measurement of progress and against the community. This feature is very innovative... Thanks for your material! It is very effective!
Evelyn S.

Thank for your efforts to help those of us who desire to take the EA exam.  I thought that I could have passed the EA exam for I have been a practicing tax preparer for over fifteen years.  However, I failed to realize how much I depend upon easy access to Internet research of tax matters and my dependency upon computer software to disburse the information to the proper form.  Your website has opened by eyes to reality in that I could not have passed the exam without detailed studies. Your website is wonderful and Thanks to you for making this program available.
Opal I.

I like to thank Fast Forward Academy for providing excellent study materials. Today I successfully passed SEE Pt 3. I am definitely on my way to becoming an EA. I passed all three tests on the first attempt. Kudos!!
Herman W.

Your valuable book and online guides and practice tests (both free and pay-for) are great tools for studying to pass SEE. I did pass Part 3 exam in Sept and I am studying the material for Parts 1 and 2; planning to take the exams Nov, Dec 2010 Thanks for your interest. 
Dale B.

Just wanted to say thank you. I just passed SEE part 3 this morning. I passed them all on the first try. Thanks for a wonderful program.
Andrew G.

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone at Fast Forward Academy for their great service. I passed my RTRP exam on 12/27/12 on the first try and I used your program and loved it. I want to especially thank Paul Perez. He was very supportive and helpful when I had computer issues and walked me through my troubles. Thank you all again, I would and will recommend your study program to anyone. Happy New Year!
Linda U.

I want to thank all at Fast Forward Academy for their support as I passed the final part 3 of the EA examination. The practice exams seems much difficult than the exam itself as I passed all three parts on the first try
Bruce M.

Well, you've met your pass guarantee. Used the materials and tools and was able to pass all three parts the first time within a month.
Tony V.

I past the last portion of the EA this week and wanted to thank you for such a wonderful website. Though I did not purchase your entire program I did purchase and use two of your test exams that were invaluable. I also have passed your website along to many others that are study for the exam. Keep up the good work.
Janine L.

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Comprehensive RTRP Study Guide

Our book includes all the essential tax topics you must know in order to pass the IRS RTRP competency exam. We designed it with you in mind, utilizing the experience of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, tax attorneys, and former IRS employees. The book will help you build a solid foundation of tax knowledge, and master the important tax regulations appearing on the test. We highlight key concepts, provide test tips, explain difficult subjects with examples, and even quiz you along the way. We make every effort to provide the most useful and efficient content available, all designed to help you learn fast and pass!

The latest edition of our book contains the tax law the IRS uses for current RTRP exams. Unlike many of our competitors, we will provide you with free updates until you pass your test. Check out a sample of the book now!

User Friendly & Advanced Test Bank

Practice on the same type of questions you will see on the exam. You can review the correct answer and a complete explanation to each question as you study. These advanced tools will help you retain what you learn in the RTRP Study Guide and improve your chance of success on the IRS exam.

From within the Test Bank you can ask a subject matter expert for help when you need it. With the click of a button you can send us the question you see, along with any question you want to ask. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Using a variety of filters, you can customize a study session to focus on exactly the type of questions you want to see. A few examples of how you can filter questions include:

  • Questions from a specific chapter or IRS exam section/domain
  • Questions you answered incorrectly in the past
  • Questions from a specific exam
  • Questions on subjects where you have the greatest opportunity to improve
  • Questions in English and Spanish

Completing a Practice Exam enables a number of new helpful features within the Test Bank. We use your exam performance to bring all of your difficult subjects into an "opportunities" filter for you to review in the Test Bank. You can also use the Test Bank to review all of your completed exams again in study mode.

You receive a complete analysis of your performance with a real-time reporting system that populates as you answer questions. This feature not only identifies your strengths, but it pinpoints your weaknesses allowing you to filter the study material according to your specific needs.

Our RTRP Test Bank is the finest tool of its kind available today. Take it for a test drive for free and see for yourself!

Practice Exams

Think of the Practice Exams as a flight simulator for the real IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer exam! Once you feel confident with all of the material in the study guide and test bank, it is time to try a Practice Exam.

Our Practice Exams simulate the real experience by providing dynamic practice tests weighted by subject and timed, just like the real exams. We select each of the 120 questions appearing on a Practice Exam according to the same exact standards the IRS uses. Our exams are as close as you will get to the real thing, so if you can pass here, you are ready to take the real exam with confidence.

When you complete an exam you will have access to the answers and explanations, along with a variety of helpful reports designed to help you improve. With our unlimited option, you can create as many unique Practice Exams as you need. Students who are able to pass a Practice Exam are typically successful on their attempt at the real thing. 94% of our students pass on the very first attempt.

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Our System

We feature the most effective learning material in the industry as evidenced by our
94% first attempt pass rate.
See below for just a FEW of the features our platform offers!

Our system to pass is quite simple. We are firm believers that people learn best by doing. Through our concise, well written Study Guide, and our easy to use online software we not only make your learning fun, but easy and retainable as well. The Test Bank will alleviate the need for memorizing entire books, as it teaches you to use your knowledge obtained from the Study Guide to solve problems, and since our Practice Exam simulates the real RTRP Exam, you will be truly prepared and ready to pass your exam in flying colors.

The following are just a few of the amazing features our technology offers!

Analytics Dashboard

Extensive, industry leading analytics dashboard for all of your Practice Exam and Test Bank reports.

In-App Tools

Everything from calculators to built in question notes... we offer extensive tools to work on the RTRP questions!

Question Explanations

Every question features detailed explanations, book references, and authoritative literature to tell you more than just whether you answered correctly, but also the rationale.

Exam Review

Review your practice exam scores, and the question explanations from your exams to understand what went right/wrong, and the reasons why.

Real Time Reporting

As you answer Test Bank questions you will know instantly how you are faring during the study session! No waiting for your answers to be graded!

In Depth Filters

Focus on questions you most need to study from our Test Bank! You can even use our filters to work on the questions from the specific section of the Study Guide you are currently reading; includes color coded highlighting of areas you are both doing well, and badly at so you can focus on those chapters and categories! Also allows you to filter questions into your Test Bank from your Practice Exams so you can work on areas of your exams you fared poorly at.

Social Integration

Comparison of your results vs. our community of RTRP candidates to help you judge how well you are doing and what is to be expected. We also integrate a "Feedback" feature into every single question which will land any question you have directly on a subject matter expert's desk to assist you!

We are confident our system will be the best way for you to study and ultimately pass your exam on the first try!


In the below tabs you will find contact information, answers to our most frequently received questions, and much more!

Book Sample PDF

Full Tax Course, PLUS RTRP Exam

Buying a course that only focuses on the exam can be costly in the long run. Purchase one book with tax 101 that covers all the topics on the RTRP examination. Within these pages is everything you need to know to prepare tax returns for clients while preparing to pass the RTRP exam on the first try.

Spend less time studying

If you are looking for an IRS RTRP study guide that is streamlined and study-efficient look no further. We designed our IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) course to help you achieve the highest score on the IRS RTRP exam with the least amount of time and effort. We've summarized the RTRP test topics that are likely to be on the exam in an easy to follow outline format. Why spend your precious study time reviewing information you may never see on the IRS RTRP competency exam?

Free Online Question Bank

One of the best ways for future tax preparers to prepare for the IRS RTRP exam is to drill, drill, and drill! The more exam-like questions you see prior to taking the IRS competency examination, the more prepared that you will be. You can access our online question bank for free. Each RTRP test question is organized by exam section, topic, and book chapter reference. All questions include a detailed explanation of the correct answer, allowing you to get the most benefit out of every IRS RTRP study session.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The true power behind our IRS RTRP exam review course is the advanced reporting functionality within the RTRP test bank dashboard. You can measure your performance and determine areas of where you need to improve. Several tools are available that help you understand when you are ready take the tax preparer exam. Our online question bank has many advantages over conventional software, including the ability to measure your performance against other students using our study materials.

Additional Information:

IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer Changes Explained
Benefits of Becoming an Enrolled Agent

At Fast Forward Academy we believe that in order to pass the IRS exam a student must have a solid strategy which reviews the material, provides access to drill questions with answers and explanations, and then allows for exam simulation to test readiness.

The best way to Learn Fast and Pass is to use the Fast Forward Academy tools as follows:

Using the Test Bank:

  • Begin by reading the study guide, one chapter at a time. Take the chapter quiz at the end of each chapter.
  • Before continuing to the next chapter, access our FREE Test Bank (students who purchase an upgrade will proceed to the Enhanced Test Bank)
  • Use the Chapter filter to select questions based on the specific chapter you are studying. Use the Repeat filter to select only new questions, questions you got wrong, or any question.
  • After answering each question, review the correct answer and explanation to confirm you are on the right track. Be sure to read the explanation, even for questions you answer correctly, as each explanation may contain additional test tips. The explanations include chapter references where you can further review the concept being questioned. The subjects in certain "bonus" questions are either covered in multiple chapters or do not appear in the book.
  • Repeat the steps above until all chapters have been reviewed.
  • Your goal should be to score around 80% in the test bank prior to moving on to practice exams
    • You may choose to take an exam before you start studying. Benefits of taking a practice exam first include allowing seasoned professionals to pinpoint study time to specific areas of weakness, as well as providing the ability to watch scores improve while studying the material. Taking a practice exam first is not a requirement.
  • As you answer questions by chapter, your Domain analysis (found on your dashboard) is also being populated. Use the Domain filter to focus on topics which may be covered in multiple chapters but which fall under similar categories.

Now it is time to take a Practice Exam...

  • Proceed to the Practice Exam dashboard. Click Create Exam and then click RTRP Exam and Yes. To begin the exam, click Start Exam
  • Practice exams simulate the real test and provide options to search Publication 17 and the 1040 Return Form. You can also Mark a question for later review.
  • Practice Exams can be completed in one sitting, or you can save and exit, returning to the exam at a later time to complete all the questions. Questions not answered when the time runs out will be counted as incorrect.
  • Upon completion, you must mark the exam as Finished and return to the Practice Exam dashboard to receive your grade.
  • Now you can use the Reports button to see a comprehensive breakdown of the subjects needing the most attention. Items in pink indicate scores of less than 25%

Time to study more... Test Bank - Step 2

  • Following a Practice Exam, you now have additional tools to aid you with your studies. Return to the Test Bank and click the Go To Step 2 link (located just above the question filters)
    • You can return to Step 1 at any time by clicking the Go back to Step 1 link
  • From this step you can interact directly with the questions from your practice exams. By clicking the Opportunities filter you have access to all of the topics tested, listed in order of weakest to strongest performance.
  • Select a topic from the Opportunities list (items in pink indicate less than 25%) and set the Repeat filter to "Yes, give me any question."
  • You may also use the Practice Exam filter to select a specific exam and interact with the questions from that test. In this instance, setting the Repeat filter to "Only questions I got wrong" allows you to focus on the most challenging exam questions.

The Fast Forward Academy Best Strategy to Pass is a proven study method which garners excellent results. While the steps above can be executed in various manners, following this prescribed method will help facilitate successful completion of the exam.

As of Friday, January 18, 2013, the United States District Court has enjoined the IRS from enforcing the regulatory requirements for Registered Tax Return Preparers. The IRS, working with the Department of Justice, continues to have confidence in the scope of its authority to administer this program. For now, the program requirements are voluntary and tests are not being administered. This may change if the IRS succeeds in its planned appeal or with the passage of new legislation.

First, Sign Up with the IRS Online.

Paid federal tax return preparers started signing up using the new PTIN system in mid-September 2010. As of January 1, 2011, all tax return preparers, including those tax return preparers who are attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents, must have PTINs if they prepare tax returns. The online sign up form will be available at The IRS is assessing an annual fee of $64.25 for the PTIN registration and $63.00 for renewal.

Every single professional that prepares and files tax returns must pay the $64.25 fee annually ($63 for renewals) and sign up for a PTIN using the new process even if you already have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) number assigned from the IRS. If you already have a PTIN number, that number will stay the same in most cases.

Second, Complete an RTRP Competency Exam. Registered tax preparers only. Attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents are exempt.

Paid federal tax return preparers must pass an IRS RTRP competency exam to officially become a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP). PTIN registration is very important because if you already have your PTIN before or during the 2011 tax season, you may have until December 31, 2013 to complete this exam and take the test an unlimited number of times until you pass it.

Prometric will administer the RTRP competency exams for the IRS. The test will have 120 questions consisting of multiple choice and true / false questions. Each person will have 2.5 hours to complete the entire RTRP exam. The fee to take the exam is $116, pass or fail. The test is open book in the sense that Prometric will provide individuals with Publication 17, Form 1040 and Form 1040 instructions as reference materials during the exam. Please visit our IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) Exam Specification page for specific topics covered on the RTRP exam.

Attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents are exempt from the IRS RTRP competency test requirement. Enrolled actuaries and enrolled retirement plan agents are exempt from the registered tax return preparer competency test requirement if they only prepare returns within the limited practice areas of these groups.

The Fast Forward Academy IRS Tax Preparer Course & RTRP Exam Study Guide + Practice Exams including both Wages & Small Business Returns 1040 Series is available here today!

Finally, Annual RTRP Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Registered tax return preparers only. Attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled agents are exempt from this new requirement.

A new continuing education requirement of 15 hours per year begins this year (2012). Per the IRS, courses will need to include 3 hours of federal tax law updates, 2 hours of ethics, and 10 hours of other federal tax law. This will not apply to attorneys, certified public accountants, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries, or enrolled retirement plan agents due to their existing education requirements.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our products for any reason, you may initiate a return for a full refund of the purchase price of the item(s). Shipping costs are not refundable. To qualify for the refund we must receive notice within 30 days of the date of purchase, along with a brief explanation of the reason for the return, your original receipt, and the product must have been purchased through

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form must accompany all eligible physical returns. If you purchased a product from another retailer you must contact them for any returns.

Multiple Testing Season Guarantee

Our test preparation products are guaranteed to span multiple testing seasons. If you buy our course(s), you will not need to purchase study materials again for the same exam! We promise to support you with updated materials until you complete your exam(s) to become an EA, RTRP, or any other designation we supply.

If you do not complete the exam(s) in a single testing season, we publish an update/summary to our Study Guide (via email & the Web) for anyone who purchased a study guide the prior year. Only a small percentage of content changes from one testing season to the next (5 to 10%) so it is not a lot of extra information. Our update will summarize new tax laws, changes to existing laws, and just about anything else you need to know for the new testing season.

Each year, our online Free Test Bank and Practice Exams automatically update at the beginning of the new testing period. So our material is just as good next season if you need it. There is no need for you to purchase an update.

We have one last option and that is if you do need a new book next year, you can request one for $25, but it shouldn't really be necessary. To qualify for a replacement book you must place your original order on our website or through a Fast Forward Academy authorized partner.

RTRP Certification Pass Guarantee

If you purchase our materials for the IRS RTRP exams and are unable to pass on your first attempt, we will provide you with the following upon request:
  1. A complete assessment and analysis of your exam results,
  2. Personal assistance from a coach who will create a study plan and guide you on areas of weakness, and
  3. Access to updated course materials at no cost.
In order to qualify, you must forward your exam diagnostic results within 30 days of the exam date.

Is your course a book or electronic download?
The IRS Tax Preparer Course & RTRP Exam Study Guide is a physical paperback book that will be shipped to you.

Does the IRS Tax Preparer Course & RTRP Exam Study Guide cover everything on the exam?
Yes. Our course contains everything you need to know to pass the RTRP exam, plus it is a tax preparer course with entry level content to help become a successful tax return preparer. Go beyond the exam and start a successful career!

Does the RTRP Study Guide count for CTEC, EA, or CPA continuing education?
Most regulators, including the IRS, require that a continuing education program enhance professional knowledge. A test preparation program generally does not qualify as an *enhancement* for the underlying credential. The IRS has made an exception for courses developed to prepare an individual to pass the Registered Tax Return Preparer Competency Examination through December 31, 2013.

Is your Tax Preparer exam course updated to cover the current test period?
Of course. All materials are updated for the 2013 testing season.

What is the difference between the free test bank and practice exams?
The difference between the test bank and practice exams relates to their purpose. The test bank compliments the book to study and apply what you are learning with real test questions. Once you have a grasp of the material, you should begin taking practice exams to measure your preparedness and to find out if you should spend the time and money on a live exam.

Can I get updated materials if I do not complete the requirements this year?
Yes, you can get updated materials for the following year. If you failed this year and can provide documentation we will cover the cost as well as provide an assessment in accordance with our pass guarantee. All other circumstances, if you ran out of time for example, would simply be charged our cost of $25 for a new book.

Shipping? International?
We ship all over the world. In North America, Europe, and Australia we have distribution capabilities to ship direct without involving customs for faster and cheaper International delivery.

How can I pay? Do you take phone orders?
We accept all major credit cards. We also accept payments over the phone, (888)798-PASS (7277).

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