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The Internet has many tools and resources to help you in your study efforts. The below list will help if you have questions and need help from real experts. Click any of the links below to visit the sites and get the help you need. is not free, but it's a great resource to get help from experts quickly and inexpensively. They have a division specific to taxes with many credible experts at your disposal. is a free tool that combines a number of sources to provide answers to questions. Sources include a community, web, and topic searches to help you find answers to your tax questions.

Intuit because of its Turbo Tax product has a live community for all sorts of tax questions. This is another great free tool to search for answers or interact with live experts on staff to answer questions.

Yahoo Answers is a huge, free community on all sorts of topics, but they also have a strong tax section where you can ask questions and get answers from people in the community. is a big forum for anything taxes. Forums have always been great resources for asking questions and creating discussions with members. There are many tax forums on the Internet and this is one of the popular forums, which is important if you want to get answers quickly.

Cornell University Law School and the IRS Tax Map enables tax law research by topic. Each Tax Map "topic page" contains all the information known about the topic, including links to related topics, forms, publications and instructions. Topic pages are found by typing in a topic and searching OR by selecting a topic from an index.

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