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Access to the complete online Certified Management Accountant exams review course for a small monthly investment. A subscription is the perfect way to begin, whether you want to pass one part of the CMA exams, or both exams. You only pay for what you need. This option is the best value if you plan to study for less than six months.

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CMA Test Prep Book

Access to the complete online Certified Management Accountant exam review course until you pass both exams. If you expect to spend more than than six months this option is the best value. Study as much as you need until you pass!

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Fast Forward Academy brings you the absolute best solution to pass on your first try, and as low as $99 can get you started today!
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Fast Forward Academy Education Platform

The Intelligent Book That Saves You Time

The FastBook is a powerful electronic textbook with advanced features to help you focus on the right subjects. It learns what you know, and highlights the best opportunities to improve your score.
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CMA FastBook Study and Review Platform

CMA Study Bank

Our Study Bank gives you total control of over 2,400 CMA exam questions with complete explanations. In addition to the standard chapter, topic, and subject filters, you can review incorrect answers from prior study sessions, or use innovative features like our FastFocus review to see the questions that will help you the most.
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CMA Studybank for Test Preparation

CMA Practice Exams

Create as many unique practice exams as you need. In addition to a score, we provide a complete exam analysis. Our practice exams prepare you for the experience you can expect when you take the real exam, so if you can pass with us, you can feel confident in your ability to pass the real exams.
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CMA Practice Exams

CMA Exam Textbooks In Print

All the information you need to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam is contained within these pages. The book follows the current exam specifications and format. The print version includes the same information as the electronic version, and is great for those who prefer to read a physical book.
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CMA Study Guide and Review Text Book

Community Support

When you study with Fast Forward Academy, you immediately have access to our *free* online community. The Community connects you to other people studying just like you. Bounce questions off each other, support and help each other, and more! You're not alone on this studying venture.
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It's The Best Decision You Can Make

Our combination of excellent course materials, highest possible quality study course technology, and top quality staff waiting to serve you ensure that studying with our course wil be the best decision you can possibly make to prepare for the CMA exams.
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Fast Forward Academy Education Quality

The Fast Forward Academy Edge

Below are just a FEW of the great technologies and benefits you will gain by making the decision to prepare for the CMA Exam with Fast Forward Academy!

  • Study Planner
  • Study Bank
  • FastBook
  • Books
  • Practice Exam
  • Text Messaging
  • Drag & Drop
  • Rescheduling
  • Customization

Rather than traditional online calendars requiring you to check them for scheduled tasks, we bring the tasks to you. Automatically receive text reminders when tasks are due. Stay on the right track, and complete your exam on time.

You can also communicate back and forth with your calendar using text messaging and email to adjust when you need flexibility, but still stay on track to pass.

Things come up and plans change, so we make it easy to adapt your schedule to meet the needs of your life so you can stay on task and pass on the first try. Simply drag the task to whatever date works best for you, drop it, and you are done.

What if you're dominating your studies and want to be done sooner than you expected? What if you fall behind for whatever circumstance and want to get back on track? With our rescheduling tool you can redesign your study plan at will.

If every Tuesday will be impossible, select Tuesday from the exclusion list and avoid falling behind due to circumstances beyond your control.

  • Community Comparison
  • Questions By Performance
  • One Click Support
  • Ask The Community

Not only can you see how you stack up to the competition, but you also gain insight into where other students struggle or perform well, allowing you to leverage the crowd on your path to success.

This simple, yet powerful data is key to why our students consistently outperform when compared to other products.

We can look at your performance and target specific subjects in order of priority, then create customized study sessions that are focused on the areas with the highest probability of increasing your score on the exam.

On-demand help is always available when you need it most. If you come across a question or concept that isn't "clicking" for you... simply click one button, ask your question, and we get back to you right away.

There is a community of users online right now waiting to collaborate and communicate about important exam topics. We're transforming "self-study" into "community-study" because engagement produces better results on exam day.

  • Intelligent Online Textbook
  • Performance Data
  • Community Data
  • FastFocus

FastBook is the industry's only intelligent online textbook. The most advanced technology can give you leverage over the exam and immensely improve your chance of success.

We track your performance answering questions and bring that information right into the book. Using that intelligence we can highlight key areas in the text that can improve your outcome on the exam.

As you study the text, community performance data is included for your reference to help you pinpoint areas where you can save or invest more time. You are not the only one studying for this exam and we can bring insight to you from the crowd creating more effective and efficient study.

"Click"... that's all it takes and now your full text just shrunk itself automatically based on your performance and manual selections to the exact content that.

  • Content Integration
  • Free Updates Forever

All of our tools from the Study Planner to Practice Exams are unified with the textbook to create a seamless study experience. Since each tool complements the other you can absorb the material in less time with less effort.

We support you until you pass, guaranteed. Buy our textbook once and we will provide you any necessary updates until you pass the exam(s).

  • Content Integration
  • Free Updates Forever

All of our tools from the Study Planner to Practice Exams are unified with the textbook to create a seamless study experience. Since each tool complements the other you can absorb the material in less time with less effort.

We support you until you pass, guaranteed. Buy our textbook once and we will keep it updated until you pass the exam(s).

  • Exactly Matches
  • Truly Unlimited
  • Detailed Analysis
  • At Your Pace
  • Exam Readiness Score

Our Practice Exam software exactly matches the real exam look and feel, time, and experience! When you walk through the doors of the testing center and sit down in front of the computer to begin your exam, you will have supreme confidence because you have already passed the exam before from the comfort of your own home. You will already know the testing interface like the back of your hand and you will probably finish the test with time to spare.

We have a large pool of questions and you can create as many exams as you need and never see two exams alike. Exams are built in real-time, custom to your specific needs so you can always get an accurate assessment of your preparedness to pass.

No one else can provide the granular, yet simple focus on where you are succeeding and where you need to devote more study time. Because we can turn your exam data into very actionable information, you will have a blueprint specific to your needs listing the exact subjects you need help with.

Not only will you see your individual performance, but unlike any other product out there you can also benchmark your performance against the community using our patent pending technology. The community data means you are not alone and gives you a goal to aim at.

Unlike the real exam, you can pause and resume from any device and at anytime you need to fit your schedule. Come back to the exam at a later time and you can pick up exactly where you left off. Stop the exam on your laptop and resume seamlessly from your smartphone. Study when and how you want!

Using sophisticated algorithms we can analyze your exam performance and calculate when you are ready to pass the exam on the first go. Everyone is different and every student is not ready at the same time, but we can assess you specifically so you know when you are truly ready to pass.

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I could not have passed this test without the help of Fast Forward Academy online and the wonderful supportive staff that I have talked to at Fast Forward. Fast Forward is the best!!!

-Suzanne S.

Fantastic system. Passed all three parts on my first try and got it done in less than 7 months.

-David J.

I just took the EA exam, this week...thanks to your program\'s assistance I was very well prepared and passed all three sections. Thanks

-David G.

I presented my RTRP test this morning and I got a passing score. I have to thank you for your services and help in general. Thanks again.

-Luis E.

I used the FFA test bank questions to help me study for my EA exam. The questions were very helpful and I passed on my first try. Thank you for allowing me to use your test bank!

-Tracy B.

I passed the exam in my first try. Take on account that I know little English and I live in Puerto Rico where I do only some federal returns. Your system work good.

-Jaime V.

Today I passed part 2 of the enrolled agent exam, I'm all set to apply for my certificate with the I.R.S. Thank you for your help.

-Jim L.

Your practice exam questions were very helpful in passing the EA exams. The content and format were wonderful. I recommend your site to anyone attempting the exams.

-Norman B.

I want you to know that I passed Part 1 and Part 3 of the EA exams on my first attempt! FastForwardAcademy study guide and test questions were excellent in helping me pass the exams.

-Wee-Li T.

Your book and material was very good and precise. I passed all my three exams in first attempt between Nov2010-Jan.2011.

-Manmohan D.
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