The Best Strategy to Pass the IRS Registered Tax Return Preparers (RTRP) Exam the First Time

At Fast Forward Academy we believe that in order to pass the IRS exam a student must have a solid strategy which reviews the material, provides access to drill questions with answers and explanations, and then allows for exam simulation to test readiness.

The best way to Learn Fast and Pass is to use the Fast Forward Academy tools as follows:

Using the Test Bank:

  • Begin by reading the study guide, one chapter at a time. Take the chapter quiz at the end of each chapter.
  • Before continuing to the next chapter, access our FREE Test Bank (students who purchase an upgrade will proceed to the Enhanced Test Bank)
  • Use the Chapter filter to select questions based on the specific chapter you are studying. Use the Repeat filter to select only new questions, questions you got wrong, or any question.
  • After answering each question, review the correct answer and explanation to confirm you are on the right track. Be sure to read the explanation, even for questions you answer correctly, as each explanation may contain additional test tips. The explanations include chapter references where you can further review the concept being questioned. The subjects in certain "bonus" questions are either covered in multiple chapters or do not appear in the book.
  • Repeat the steps above until all chapters have been reviewed.
  • Your goal should be to score around 80% in the test bank prior to moving on to practice exams
    • You may choose to take an exam before you start studying. Benefits of taking a practice exam first include allowing seasoned professionals to pinpoint study time to specific areas of weakness, as well as providing the ability to watch scores improve while studying the material. Taking a practice exam first is not a requirement.
  • As you answer questions by chapter, your Domain analysis (found on your dashboard) is also being populated. Use the Domain filter to focus on topics which may be covered in multiple chapters but which fall under similar categories.

Now it is time to take a Practice Exam...

  • Proceed to the Practice Exam dashboard. Click Create Exam and then click RTRP Exam and Yes. To begin the exam, click Start Exam
  • Practice exams simulate the real test and provide options to search Publication 17 and the 1040 Return Form. You can also Mark a question for later review.
  • Practice Exams can be completed in one sitting, or you can save and exit, returning to the exam at a later time to complete all the questions. Questions not answered when the time runs out will be counted as incorrect.
  • Upon completion, you must mark the exam as Finished and return to the Practice Exam dashboard to receive your grade.
  • Now you can use the Reports button to see a comprehensive breakdown of the subjects needing the most attention. Items in pink indicate scores of less than 25%

Time to study more... Test Bank - Step 2

  • Following a Practice Exam, you now have additional tools to aid you with your studies. Return to the Test Bank and click the Go To Step 2 link (located just above the question filters)
    • You can return to Step 1 at any time by clicking the Go back to Step 1 link
  • From this step you can interact directly with the questions from your practice exams. By clicking the Opportunities filter you have access to all of the topics tested, listed in order of weakest to strongest performance.
  • Select a topic from the Opportunities list (items in pink indicate less than 25%) and set the Repeat filter to "Yes, give me any question."
  • You may also use the Practice Exam filter to select a specific exam and interact with the questions from that test. In this instance, setting the Repeat filter to "Only questions I got wrong" allows you to focus on the most challenging exam questions.

The Fast Forward Academy Best Strategy to Pass is a proven study method which garners excellent results. While the steps above can be executed in various manners, following this prescribed method will help facilitate successful completion of the exam.

The Best Strategy

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