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Fast Forward Academy Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide

Enrolled Agent Study Guide

Substantial research went into our enrolled agent study guide to ensure that it contains all the important topics that will most likely appear on your exam. We have the most popular study guide for a reason - our students pass in less time. It really is that simple.

This book is straight to the point, and our easy to follow format allows you to focus on exactly what you need to know in order to pass the Enrolled Agent exam. Check out a sample from the book now!

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Enrolled Agent Exam

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FastBook Enrolled Agent Study and Review Tool

Along with our enrolled agent study guide, you receive access to our latest innovation. We call it the FastBook. It is a powerful, online version of our book that is loaded with advanced features. With it, you can leverage your performance data to focus your time more effectively. As you study, we track your performance answering questions and use this insight to show you the best opportunities to improve your score. We highlight your best opportunities in the book immediately, so you don't waste time with the things you already know. This groundbreaking innovation gives you a huge advantage that you simply will not find anywhere else. Embrace the power that technology can offer you in your studies, and get ready to pass the enrolled agent exam on the first try!

FastBook: Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation Tool
Fast Forward Academy Enrolled Agent Study Bank

Enrolled Agent Study Bank

With advanced filters, you have complete control over the questions you see. This means you can see the exact type of questions you want in your review session. You can filter questions by chapter or subject, and even review trouble questions from prior study sessions. You are going to love how the Study Bank lets you to zero in on the areas that can have the biggest impact on your score. We bring these opportunities to your attention, allowing you to focus on the subjects that matter the most. Each question has a custom explanation to help you understand the correct answers. But, let's face it, sometimes you may have additional questions on the topic. What happens then? With a single click, you can get help from an Enrolled Agent Review instructor quickly, when you need it most.

Enrolled Agent Practice Exams

Practice exams are timed, weighted, and scored just like the real thing. These simulations can sharpen your test-taking skills and give you the confidence you need to pass the first time. Our exams are as close as you will get to a real Enrolled agent exam, so if you can pass here, you are ready to take the real exam with confidence. Your results are tracked so you can clearly see how you are doing. You receive more than just a score, we help you know when you are ready to take the real test, and if not we make it clear where you need to spend your valuable study time. Practice exams unleash powerful new features in the Study Bank and FastBook, so you can quickly work on any opportunities to improve your score. Once you complete a practice exam, you can later perform a comprehensive review of the exam in study mode. This allows for a more hands-on review, and allows you to review the questions from the exam you want to see. With our unlimited option, you can create as many unique practice exams as you need.

Fast Forward Academy Enrolled Agent Practice Exam
A demo of an Enrolled Agent Exam Review tool!

EA Video Explanations

We are always looking for opportunities to increase student success on the enrolled agent exam. Recently, we analyzed student responses to all questions in our enrolled agent test bank and discovered several areas that seem to consistently give people the most trouble. Instead of wasting your time with videos on every question, we decided to focus on these "trouble" areas with detailed step-by-step video explanations. The explanations are very popular, and can save you substantial time trying to figure things out on your own.

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