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While many places offer you a practice exam tool, or a study bank, or books, we offer an entire powerful and intelligent platform. Everything you need to study, learn, and pass your CPA exam on the very first try. We have tools and features that no one else has, creating an educational experience like no other.

9 out of 10 students report passing with our platform - so we are confident you will find it is the best solution for your study needs... and at a fraction of the cost of many other leading providers! Feel free to learn more about our platform, or view our CPA prices now!


Our developers have spent decades literally doing nothing but learning about, developing for, and studying the e-learning industry. Our subject matter experts are the best in their respective fields. While the competition is hoping you pass using their tools, we are building tools that we know and are guaranteed to help you pass.

To see how solid our CPA Exam Review platform truly is, feel free to check out our CPA Review Platform page, or Try It Now for yourself for free!


Part of our company vision is to produce the absolute best products and experiences. The desire to be the "best" is woven into the fabric of our company and every employee. We want every single student to succeed and we are the future of education!

Feel free to see how we compare directly to the other CPA Review courses on the market!

We Listen

We interact with and value our customers and students. We want to hear from you and try to make it incredibly easy to tell us what you like or don't so we can improve your experience and the students that will follow behind you.

Our goal is to provide the best exam preparation experience available and everyone in Fast Forward Academy's community will be apart of this accomplishment. Your opinion actually matters and will always be heard at Fast Forward Academy.

Call us any time at 888.798.PASS (7277), or feel free to chat with a representative right here on the site!

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Intelligent Learning

No two people are exactly the same. We identify the areas YOU specifically need to study. Then, we adjust and accommodate your study by shaping our tools and content with laser focus to your exact needs. With our technology you CAN pass the CPA exam on your first try! Our approach is not a one-size-fits-all obsolete industrial model to education, but rather the future... a one-size-fits-YOU custom approach to learning and succeeding. But you don't have to take our word for it; You are welcome to Try It Now for free!


We don't expect people to be computer science majors. As a result, we spend all day every day looking for ways and listening to feedback that helps make our platform easier. You won't find a "last updated July 2001" stamp at the bottom of our technology because it changes daily in order to keep learning simple and effective.

To see how easy our CPA Exam Review platform truly is, feel free to check out our CPA Review Platform page, or Try It Now for yourself for free!


When you have feedback or need help, contact us and you will get help right away, every time. We invest heavily in measuring customer satisfaction over time and work to consistently give better, faster service. We want you to pass the CPA exam on your first try and are here to help anyway that we can.

Call us any time at 888.798.PASS (7277), or feel free to chat with a representative right here on the site!

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The Smartest Student Wants a Maximum Value and Tools No One Else Can Offer

Fair Pricing

We are aware many of the top CPA Review Course providers cost THOUSANDS of dollars. Today's students already have enough in student loans, debts, and other institutions making unfulfilled promises of success in exchange for steep prices.

We strive to be a different type of company than this. This is why we feel strongly about pricing our course fairly, while providing the best product possible. We are confident our course will help you pass your exam, and so we are offering multiple payment options to ensure you are able to afford it. We believe our product is the best and want to see it in the hands of anyone looking to pass the CPA exam.

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Value Proposition

Because we are better, faster, AND we offer more value than the competition you will get the maximum value for every dollar spent with Fast Forward Academy. Premium quality doesn't have to come at a premium price. We want to assure you that the quality you receive will be the primary reason you choose Fast Forward Academy and not just our industry leading low prices.

Most importantly, you will pass your exams (9 out of 10 Fast Forward Academy CPA Exam Review students do!) and be another raving fan in the family. Enroll now to start today!

Investment Protection

Buy one of our test preparation products and NEVER spend another dime until you pass. No hoops to jump through or red tape to deal with. We want loyal customers for life that will refer friends and colleagues and pursue more credentials with us. We value your business and truly want you to pass.


No one else offers a free study planner, free multi-player game, free online study bank with hundreds of questions, free mobile apps, free support, free shipping, free updates, and more. All of these are yours as part of purchasing our full CPA Review Course today, or you are welcome to try them out for free today!

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The Fast Forward Academy Edge

Below are just a FEW of the great technologies and benefits you will gain by making the decision to prepare for the CPA Exam with Fast Forward Academy!

  • Study Planner
  • Study Bank
  • FastBook
  • Books
  • Practice Exam
  • Text Messaging
  • Drag & Drop
  • Rescheduling
  • Customization

Rather than traditional online calendars requiring you to check them for scheduled tasks, we bring the tasks to you. Automatically receive text reminders when tasks are due. Stay on the right track, and complete your exam on time.

You can also communicate back and forth with your calendar using text messaging and email to adjust when you need flexibility, but still stay on track to pass.

Things come up and plans change, so we make it easy to adapt your schedule to meet the needs of your life so you can stay on task and pass on the first try. Simply drag the task to whatever date works best for you, drop it, and you are done.

What if you're dominating your studies and want to be done sooner than you expected? What if you fall behind for whatever circumstance and want to get back on track? With our rescheduling tool you can redesign your study plan at will.

If every Tuesday will be impossible, select Tuesday from the exclusion list and avoid falling behind due to circumstances beyond your control.

  • Community Comparison
  • Questions By Performance
  • One Click Support
  • Ask The Community

Not only can you see how you stack up to the competition, but you also gain insight into where other students struggle or perform well, allowing you to leverage the crowd on your path to success.

This simple, yet powerful data is key to why our students consistently outperform when compared to other products.

We can look at your performance and target specific subjects in order of priority, then create customized study sessions that are focused on the areas with the highest probability of increasing your score on the exam.

On-demand help is always available when you need it most. If you come across a question or concept that isn't "clicking" for you... simply click one button, ask your question, and we get back to you right away.

There is a community of users online right now waiting to collaborate and communicate about important exam topics. We're transforming "self-study" into "community-study" because engagement produces better results on exam day.

  • Intelligent Online Textbook
  • Performance Data
  • Community Data
  • FastFocus

FastBook is the industry's only intelligent online textbook. The most advanced technology can give you leverage over the exam and immensely improve your chance of success.

We track your performance answering questions and bring that information right into the book. Using that intelligence we can highlight key areas in the text that can improve your outcome on the exam.

As you study the text, community performance data is included for your reference to help you pinpoint areas where you can save or invest more time. You are not the only one studying for this exam and we can bring insight to you from the crowd creating more effective and efficient study.

"Click"... that's all it takes and now your full text just shrunk itself automatically based on your performance and manual selections to the exact content that.

  • Content Integration
  • Free Updates Forever

All of our tools from the Study Planner to Practice Exams are unified with the textbook to create a seamless study experience. Since each tool complements the other you can absorb the material in less time with less effort.

We support you until you pass, guaranteed. Buy our textbook once and we will provide you any necessary updates until you pass the exam(s).

  • Content Integration
  • Free Updates Forever

All of our tools from the Study Planner to Practice Exams are unified with the textbook to create a seamless study experience. Since each tool complements the other you can absorb the material in less time with less effort.

We support you until you pass, guaranteed. Buy our textbook once and we will keep it updated until you pass the exam(s).

  • Exactly Matches
  • Truly Unlimited
  • Detailed Analysis
  • At Your Pace
  • Exam Readiness Score

Our Practice Exam software exactly matches the real exam look and feel, time, and experience! When you walk through the doors of the testing center and sit down in front of the computer to begin your exam, you will have supreme confidence because you have already passed the exam before from the comfort of your own home. You will already know the testing interface like the back of your hand and you will probably finish the test with time to spare.

We have a large pool of questions and you can create as many exams as you need and never see two exams alike. Exams are built in real-time, custom to your specific needs so you can always get an accurate assessment of your preparedness to pass.

No one else can provide the granular, yet simple focus on where you are succeeding and where you need to devote more study time. Because we can turn your exam data into very actionable information, you will have a blueprint specific to your needs listing the exact subjects you need help with.

Not only will you see your individual performance, but unlike any other product out there you can also benchmark your performance against the community using our patent pending technology. The community data means you are not alone and gives you a goal to aim at.

Unlike the real exam, you can pause and resume from any device and at anytime you need to fit your schedule. Come back to the exam at a later time and you can pick up exactly where you left off. Stop the exam on your laptop and resume seamlessly from your smartphone. Study when and how you want!

Using sophisticated algorithms we can analyze your exam performance and calculate when you are ready to pass the exam on the first go. Everyone is different and every student is not ready at the same time, but we can assess you specifically so you know when you are truly ready to pass.

Us vs. Them* Comparison

*Information averaged among 8 industry competitors
Fast Forward Academy Average Competition
Price $265 per section / $849.50 for all 4 sections $450 per section / $1,440 for all 4 sections
Access Unlimited 12-18 months
Intelligent Textbook Yes No
Practice Exams Unlimited 1-2 per section
Practice Questions Over 5,000 4,600
Practice Simulations 230 200
Interactive Study Yes No
Exam Readiness Score Yes No
Online Community Yes No
Guarantees Enrolled Agent Guarantees
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